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Playing Catch

Dr. Joseph C. Adrian, DVM

Putting fetch back in your day since 2018


What Our Clients Have to Say...

"We have had an excellent experience with Dr. Adrian. Our 11-year-old yellow lab/retriever mix, Miley, is the love of our lives. She suffered a torn cruciate ligament and required surgery to stabilize the joint. Dr. Adrian recommended a TPLO procedure for Miley. While she is an older dog, she is active and maintains a healthy body composition, we felt this was our best opportunity to keep her active and enjoying life to the fullest. Since her procedure, she has been a new dog! Her rehab has gone very well and has regained mobility that we haven't seen in her for several months. We appreciate Dr. Adrian's expertise and returning our happy, vibrant, and active dog to us."

-Ashley M. & Miley

"Dr. Adrian performed a TPLO on my own 10 year old dog Haley in May. I was already aware that Joe’s patients were happy and comfortable after surgery, but I have been amazed at the comfort and quick recovery demonstrated by my beloved “cranky old lady”.  Haley is not the most enthusiastic recipient of veterinary healthcare under the best of circumstances, but her post surgical period and recovery have been smooth and stress free. She is back to happily trotting around the farm and harassing the pigs with very little interruption to the course of her summer.  Haley and I are both grateful for Dr. Adrian’s surgical skill and expertise!"

-Dr. Pam Prochaska & Haley

"Our American Bulldog suffered from a knee injury a couple of years ago.  We were very hesitant to follow through with the TPLO surgery because of our concern with the recovery needs and our busy schedule.  We tried kennel rest for several weeks and saw no improvement, so we decided to give the surgery a try.  Following the surgery, we completed the recommended therapy exercises and Ru fully recovered much quicker than we ever anticipated.  The recovery process was incredibly easy and it was as if she had instant relief after the procedure! I'm still amazed at how well the surgery and recovery went.  Two years later, we have a very happy and active bulldog!  We are forever thankful for Dr. Adrian!"

-Kirsten B. & Ruger

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